You’ve been selling your products for a while now and feel the need to increase your revenue streams because you just aren’t making enough money yet to support yourself.  You’ve heard about wholesaling and think it might be the way to go.  Perhaps you’ve sent out a few emails and never heard back.  Or maybe you haven’t yet sent out any emails because you aren’t sure of the proper way to approach shop owners. Once you do send out those emails, the thing you fear the most is rejection and getting ignored after all the work you put in submitting pitches and products.

I’m here to tell you that with this line sheet kit and a little work, you can add an incredible income stream to your business and be able to walk into a store with a friend and point out your product on a shelf.

My name is Justine Grey Smith and in 2009, I landed my jewelry line Plume Adore in 12 retail stores in just a few short months. Through trial and error, with many mistakes made along the way, I discovered a foolproof formula for getting buyers to pick up my line in their stores. I want to teach you how to do the same.

The Line Sheet Kit is for you if…

  • You’re ready to share your unique product with shop owners.
  • You want to see your product in retail stores.
  • You want to increase your revenue and have at least one steady stream of income year-round.
  • You are serious about taking your business to the next level both in terms of income and commitment.

By the numbers…

  • $150 – You’ll earn a minimum of $150, much more than the price of The Line Sheet Kit, with just 1 retail store order.
  • $8000 – The net amount I earned in 4 months from retailing my work to 12 stores in my area.
  • 142 – The total number of stores I emailed during my 4 month wholesale run.
  • $60 – The original price I paid for my line sheet – with no instructions or tips for what retail buyers love to see.

Kit Details

The Line Sheet Kit is an instant download you’ll get access to immediately after checkout. In a series of step-by-step videos and with additional training materials, you’ll have everything you need to get your products into retail stores.

Here’s what’s included in the All-in-One Line Sheet Kit:

  • Video Tutorials to assemble your line sheet quick.
  • 4 styles of Line Sheet templates with 5 colors for each one for a total of 20!
  • 2 order form samples
  • Retail pitch examples
  • Mini Guide to Terms & Conditions
  • Retailer Tracking Sheet
  • A bonus video showing you my simple trick to change your line sheet color to perfectly to match your brand.

What customers are saying…


“…all of the material looks great”


“I’ve been working on my line item sheets, terms, etc. and I want to tell you thank you very much for helping to pave the road to success for me…

I’m very glad I found you!”



“I got in my first store!! The pitch worked! Thank You so much!” 🙂



What if I don’t have a ton of time?
The Line Sheet Kit was created to help you get together a mini product catalog for retail store pitches in a few short hours. By investing a few hours of your time to completing the work, you’ll have the ultimate tool for approaching retail stores and getting a “yes” most of the time!

Is a Line Sheet necessary for pitching retail stores?
Yes! Most stores get hundreds of email pitches a day from different companies so you need a great catalog of your work to help you stand out from the crowd. They’ll easily see if your products are the right fit and if they are – they’ll be able to place an order quick.

What do I need to wholesale?
If you’ve got products to sell and are passionate about getting them into retail stores, that’s ALL you need!

Do I need to download anything?
It’s recommended that you download a few programs just while you are constructing the line sheet but they are absolutely free and take up minimal space on your hard drive. Once the line sheet has been created, you are free to uninstall the programs as you won’t need them any more.